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Forever Curls stylists are now all over the country. Find a certified curls specialist near you!

Veronica Romero
Queen Atapka Lexy Vazquez
Adriana Albornoz Yinnin Chacon Missy Secore
Kenni Sutton
Breanna Hargest
Savannah Hicks Kate Gelbart
Chereen Monet
Kylee Ross Shirin Zakerion
Tihanee Vaughan
Erin Anderson Bernadette Bickel Dana Clift
Mary Hohlt Roylynn Nickerson Emily Morales Amanda Martinez
Kelsy Fernandez-Salazar
  • Arizona Forever Curls Specialists

    • Veronica Romero

      Veronica Romero

      Stylist at DeLuxe Salon

      Based in Pheonix, Arizona

      Veronica is a stylist at Delux Salon in Phoenix, Arizona with 18 years of Experience. Her specialty is curly hair and extensions. Her goal is to always create a positive, memorable experience for every client. What sets her apart is her passion for creating transformations in such a personal way and leaving a lasting impact. This is what inspires her to be the amazing stylist and person that she is.

      Fun Fact:

      When Veronica was young, she became obsessed with monkeys and their intelligence. Then, when she turned 18, she got a Curious Gorge tattoo on her hip!


      90’s R&B and hip-hop.

  • California Forever Curls Specialists

    • Queen Atapka

      Queen Atapka

      Stylist at Refined Artistry

      Based in San Francisco, California

      With over 12 years of experience, Queen is a San Francisco stylist that specializes in both textured hair coloring and cutting. Inspired by the arts and culture, she expresses her creativity uniquely with each and every client behind the chair. What’s most important is that her clients feel seen and uplifted throughout their experience and leave her chair feeling beautiful.

      Fun Fact:

      Queen loves to read and when she’s not working in the salon, she is running a women's book club.


      Afro beats and Burna Boy are on the top of Queen’s current playlist.

    • Lexy Vazquez

      Lexy Vazquez


      Based in Pasadena, California

      Lexy is a Tacoma-based stylist with 10 years of experience specializing in custom color and cuts on all texture. She loves making her clients feel beautiful, empowered, seen and heard. Her passion and skill experience working with textured hair have recognized her as an award nominee in the natural texture category for one of the most notable hair competitions #ONESHOT.

      Fun Fact:

      Lexy is a veteran and served in the army for almost 4 years.


      Lexy loves all genres of Spanish music, but is currently obsessed with Bad Bunny.

  • Florida Forever Curls Specialists

    • Adriana Albornoz

      Adriana Albornoz

      Salon owner and Stylist at A+M Beauty Lounge

      Based in Tampa, Florida

      Adriana is a curly hair specialist and successful salon owner with 16 years experience. She's passionate about inspiring her curly-hair clients to live and love their natural hair! While in her chair, Adriana wants her clients to feel beautiful, empowered, and educated to maintain and care for their crowns between salon visits. Her salon caters to clients with ALL textures.

      Fun Fact:

      Adriana loves traveling and experiencing different cultures.


      On her playlist is Jungle and Glass Animals, and is hoping to catch a live Elderbrook concert soon.

    • Yinnin Chacon

      Yinnin Chacon

      Stylist at Curls Be Told

      Based in Miami, Florida

      Yinnin is a curly hair specialist, specializing in Balayage, Corrective Color, Cutting and kids. Her goal as a stylist is to always add value to every client she touches and to make them feel inspired to be amazing just as they are. Yinnin open her salon suite in 2020 and has been proud of all the loyal clients and business accomplishments she’s experienced since.

      Fun Fact:

      She loves doing things that make her forget that she has a phone!


      Soca, gospel (From rap to old school), all kinds of Latin music.

    • Missy Secore

      Missy Secore

      Owner & Stylist at Misfit Curls

      Based in Clearwater, Florida

      Missy is a stylist and owner with 15 years experience, providing cuts and color services for naturally curly and wavy clients. It’s been her goal to help educate other curlies and teach them how to manage their hair simply and beautifully! It’s her goal to ensure that her clients feel comfortable in their own beauty, and likes to help them be in control of their curl journey. She also loves empowering her clients with education and inspires them to be true to themselves, because being yourself is the easiest most beautiful thing you can be! It’s important for her that she teaches her clients about product ingredients and techniques for their specific curl type so they can maintain their look between visits.

      Fun Fact:

      Her birthday is 2 days before Halloween and that just so happens to be her favorite holiday to celebrate. She’s a lover of all things encompassing the spooky season!


      Missy’s husband is a musician, so you can find her more often than not listening to whatever he's working on! If she’s not working, there's a great chance she’s out listening to live music.

  • Michigan Forever Curls Specialists

    • Kenneatria “Kenni” Sutton

      Kenni Sutton

      Owner & Stylist at Kenni With An I Hair Studio

      Based in Novi, Michigan

      Owner of Kenni With An I Hair Studio in Novi, Michigan, Kenni is a stylist with over 31 years of industry experience. She is a student of trichology and specializes in everything from cutting, coloring, bridal, corrective color, balayage, and smoothing systems (keratin and relaxers). Being a resource in solving her clients' hair problems inspires her to always keep on the path to education. Additionally, Kenni is a hair and skin educator of transracial adoption culture and has created an educational platform for the transracial community, including parents, the foster care system, and adoption agencies. Kenni is passionate about staying current on the latest and greatest styles, trends, and products so that she can provide her clients with only the best salon experience.

      Fun Fact:

      Kenni loves all things pink!


      She is a lover of all great music.

  • Minnesota Forever Curls Specialists

    • Brea Hargest

      Breanna Hargest

      Stylist at Plaza Salon Plymouth Minnesota

      Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota

      Brea has over six years industry specializing in blonding, balayage, curly cuts, corrective color, cutting, babylights, fashion colors and curly styling. She inspired most by helping people see the beauty of their hair texture and loves working behind the chair to emphasize that beauty with her cuts and color services. Her goal is to have every client feel seen and heard and leave the salon with the education needed to maintain their final look between visits.

      Fun Fact:

      Brea is obsessed with the family dynamic and strength of Orca whales where females lead the pack – as a mother herself, she’s inspired and relates very much to these majestic creatures!


      She lives and breathes hip hop, R&B, and always Beyoncé.

  • Nevada Forever Curls Specialists

    • Savannah Hicks

      Savannah Hicks

      Salon Owner and Stylist at THESAVYTOUCH

      Based in Las Vegas, Nevada

      Savannah is a texture specialist across the board with balayage, corrective color, reds, and cutting. With five years of experience as a salon owner, educator, and stylist. She loves empowering her clients with looks that leave them feeling confident and bold. Savannah takes pride in herself for showing up every day to be the best that she can be for her clients. Always equipped with the latest education and tools, Savannah is passionate about creating transformations behind the chair and creating change that leaves them with a new, positive energy.

      Fun Fact:

      Savannah loves volleyball and played throughout her college career.


      Music-wise, you can find Savannah listening to R&B and soul at all times.

    • Kate Gelbart

      Kate Gelbart

      Stylist at Habit.Hair Culture

      Based in Las Vegas, Nevada

      Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, Kate discovered an interest in beauty through elementary school plays, after being fascinated by theatrical makeup and hair! While still in cosmetology school, Kate jump started her career by assisting various industry professionals with local television shows, charity events, and other freelance opportunities, to learn as much as she could and build her resume early. Once graduated, Kate assisted Leysa Carrillo for 18 months to educate herself further, and specifically to familiarize herself with curly and textured hair. She began teaching alongside Leysa for Forever Curls Education, as well as building her personal clientele. Continuing education has been one of the most important things to Kate, having studied various techniques regarding blonding, vivids, cutting, formal styling, temporary hair replacement, extensions, and wig making. What Kate loves about educating is that it helps others feel less afraid of techniques or ideas they may have been intimidated by, and allows others to feel more confident in their abilities as a stylist and creative.

      Fun Fact:

      She has a love for LEGO and currently owns 10+ sets! It’s her dream to one day have a personal LEGO room where she can build a mini city!


      On Kate’s current playlist, you’ll find a bunch to Paramore, specifically Brand New Eyes, lately.

  • New York Forever Curls Specialists

    • Chereen Monet

      Chereen Monet

      Salon Owner and Lead Colorist at Yourhairsbestfriend Color Bar

      Based in Brooklyn, New York

      Chereen is Owner and Lead Colorist at Yourhairsbestfriend Color Bar in Brooklyn, New York, specializing in balayage, corrective color, and transformational color. Inspired by travel and art, Chereen loves to learn about other cultures through travel to help her grow her mind, fuel her creativity, and to help her reflect and appreciate where she came from; learning and looking at different forms of art keeps her creative juices flowing! Watching people perform their passions inspires her to be great. Her salon was designed to bring comfort and familiarity and reflect her caring and loyal personality, hence the name “Yourhairsbestfried” – she wants her clients to feel inspired, brave and bold with their curls.

      Fun Fact:

      She can be very silly and funny to the point where she can't stop laughing.


      Chereen loves new music but will always have hip-hop and R&B on rotation. She’s currently listening to Steve Lacy, Tems, Frank Ocean, HER & Smino.

  • Oklahoma Forever Curls Specialists

    • Kylee Ross

      Kylee Ross

      Stylist at Electric Feel Good in Salon Suites at Skelly

      Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma

      Kylee is a stylist based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and specializes in vivid colors and natural texture. She’s inspired by teaching people how to love their authentic self. It’s her goal to make her clients feel energized, enlightened, and knowledgeable after their services. Kylee’s ambition following graduation led her to invest in many education opportunities and training to elevate her craft, and with that, she established her own private suite only two years after.

      Fun Fact:

      Kylee is extremely adventurous – she’ll try anything at least once!


      She’s currently listening to indie, rap, old school rock, R&B, and almost anything else (but country).

    • Shirin Zakerion

      Shirin Zakerion

      Stylist at Siren Curl Studio

      Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma

      Shirin has spent the last 6 years of her 16 year career focused on her curl knowledge because she believes nothing is more meaningful than empowering you with the knowledge to wear the hair you were divinely given! When not in the Salon, you'll find her with her husband and two boys. She loves dreaming up new things for our curl community, good music, and a perfectly cooked French fry.

      Fun Fact:

      She’s a first generation Immigrant from Iran and English is my second language.


      You’ll find Shirin listening to Phoenix, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Bad Bunny.

  • Oregon Forever Curls Specialists

    • Tihanee Vaughan

      Tihanee Vaughan

      Salon owner and Stylist at Tihanee Does Hair; a bilingual studio

      Based in Bend, Oregon

      Tihanee is an experienced stylist passionate about making her clients feel seen, heard and look absolutely fabulous! She specializes in cutting textured and curly hair and offers a range of color services that include more natural balayage looks to vibrant and bold creations. Thianee loves to express herself creatively through her work and is always up for a challenge. She takes pride in investing in her career and building her loyal clientele base and is fluent in both English and Spanish.

      Fun Fact:

      Can bust out the splits at any given moment.


      You’ll find Tihanee forever playing reggae and Latin music.

  • Pennsylvania Forever Curls Specialists

    • Erin Anderson

      Erin Anderson

      Salon owner and Stylist at Fringe Salon

      Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

      Erin is a Philadelphia-based Salon Owner and Master Stylist with 18 year's experience cutting, coloring and caring for ALL hair textures. Her mission is to empower every client to see the beauty and uniqueness of their hair texture – “your texture IS your style!” With every service, Erin makes sure to give her clients the education needed to properly care for their texture at home so it can look and feel amazing every day. Fringe Salon strives to serve every client to the highest level, and as owner, Erin takes pride in investing and elevating her team's skills to work expertly across all hair textures.

      Fun Fact:

      Erin was a DJ and music producer before her career in beauty!


      Detroit techno DJ sets and the whole Cocteau Twins catalog is at the top of Erin’s playlist.

    • Bernadette Bickel

      Bernadette Bickel

      Salon owner and Stylist at Bernadette Bickel Hair Studio

      Based in Yardley, Pennsylvania

      Bernadette is a curl and color specialist with 18 years of experience. She’s passionate about ensuring her clients feel beautiful both on the inside and out throughout every service. Her salon takes pride in carrying only clean beauty products as she believes that healthy hair and scalp are paramount to creating and maintaining beautiful curls. Bernadette is inspired by trying new things and surrounding herself with good people who build each other up. Her salon is reflective of her warm personality and has become a place for guests to come in, relax, chat, laugh, and leave feeling their best.

      Fun Fact:

      When she’s not in the salon, Bernadette coaches girls youth basketball in her hometown.


      She’s currently listening to The Wonder Years Band, and 100% believes that she’s their biggest fan!

    • Dana Clift

      Dana Clift

      Salon owner and Stylist at Studio Dana

      West Chester, Pennsylvania

      Dana is a stylist and salon suit owner with nearly 30 years of experience! Specializing in curly cuts, blonding, balayage and color, she wants her clients to leave her chair not just with a fabulous new look, but leave with a better understanding about their curly/texture hair and how to maintain and love their curly locks. She’s inspired most by the energy and passion of the like minded stylists she meets through continued education, which fuels her creativity and re-energizes her love of curly hair artistry. She also loves learning new and better ways to take care of her clients’ crown of curls, ensuring that they always leave her salon looking and feeling beautiful.

      Fun Fact:

      She loves to travel and garden.


      Dana is a lover of all music

  • Texas Forever Curls Stylists

    • Mary Hohlt

      Mary Hohlt

      Stylist at The French Door Spa and salon

      Based in College Station, Texas

      Originally from Ethiopia, Mary is Level 4AA stylist that specializes in color and cutting curly hair as well as IBE (Invisible Bead Extensions). The transformations that take place in her chair are always about you! She values her clients' time by offering in-depth consultations and creates looks that address their lifestyle needs and hair dream goals. What sets her apart is her passion for educating every client on the right care to make their styling routine easier and maintain that beautiful salon result between visits. If you’re looking for someone who can offer an in-depth consultation that is all about you and your needs, she is the stylist for you!

      Fun Fact:

      When Mary isn’t behind the chair, she enjoys running with her dogs, shopping, and cooking traditional Ethiopian food.


      Some of her favorite music includes hip-hop and African music.

    • Roylynn Nickerson

      Forever Curls Academy Graduate

      Stylist at God•dess Eminence

      Based in Texas City, Texas

      Texas City-based stylist Roylynn is a natural texture specialist in both coloring and coloring. Passionate about expressing her voice and creativity through her work and taking charge of her career to provide best-in-class services to her curly hair clients and beyond. Roylynn prioritizes connecting with her clients to understand their desires and lifestyle in order to craft looks that enhance their natural texture and build confidence. Trust to find comfort in Roylynn’s chair and be assured your voice will always be heard when creating your dream hair!

      Fun Fact:

      If eating all kinds of vegan food were a love language, it would be Roylynn’s!


      Roylynn loves listening to songs with meaning; you’ll find her listening to SZA, Ari Lennox, New Edition, 6lack, Erykah Badu, Vanjess, Quin, Jhene Aiko, Jazzmine Sullivan to name a few.

    • Emily Morales

      Emily Morales

      Stylist at 4-8-0 Hair Salon, LLC

      Based in San Antonio, Texas

      Emily specializes in cutting, coloring and curls. She has the perspective that hair can be walking art. She takes a patient path towards understanding the goals a guest may have during their visits before discussing options. Her passion is teaching guests how to maximize their efforts when styling to recreate their desired looks. She prefers dry haircutting techniques yet takes pride in continuing education throughout all avenues of the industry. She was fortunate to start her career in the beauty industry in 2007 as no surprise to her family. Emily's mother tells stories of babysitters who found her cutting the hair of other children. She credits her time doing hair for bringing the best people into her life.

      Fun Fact:

      If you love dogs, ask her to see her fur baby Tahoe.


      Her music interests vary, so let's just say she takes pride in her Salon Playlist!

    • Amanda Martinez

      Amanda Martinez

      Owner & Stylist at 4-8-0 Hair Salon, LLC

      Based in San Antonio, Texas

      As the owner of 4-8-0 Hair Salon LLC and with 15 years as a seasoned professional hair stylist, Amanda, has an undying passion for hair as well as making guests look and feel beautiful. She loves creating an individual look for a guest that transforms them from the outside in. She values a professional atmosphere that supports her commitment to delivering above and beyond service with a thorough consultation to determine her clients’ vision and provide incomparable customer satisfaction. Watching a client walk out of the salon with a new-found confidence and bounce in their step is her ultimate goal.

  • Utah Forever Curls Specialists

    • Kelsy Fernandez-Salazar

      Kelsey is a curly hair cutting and color specialist, passionate about inspiring beauty in unique ways and leading her clients to fall in love with their natural beauty and feel their most confident self! In addition to servicing clients as a full-time stylist, Kelsey hosts her own curly styling class, so that she can continue to share her passion and love for the beauty of texture, curls and education.

      Fun Fact:

      Kelsy is powerlifter and has competed in 2 state competitions!


      She loves listening to modern rock music!