Hearing from the Students of Forever Curls Academy

Leysa Speaking

The 2022 Forever Curls Academy Boot Camps are in full swing. We’ve already hosted two amazing boot camps so far this year and we’re incredibly excited for what’s to come!

If you follow Forever Curls Academy on Instagram, you know how much we love the academy, the techniques that Leysa has created, and the community Forever Curls has provided so many. So, what’s better than hearing it from the source? Hearing it from stylists who have invested their time, energy, and resources into attending the academy, learning, and growing alongside stylists across the U.S.

We had the extraordinary opportunity of speaking with and hearing from our March 2022 Academy students about their experience with Forever Curls Academy. We are blown away by the love, gratitude, and support our students have for each of our boot camps. And we’re so lucky to have facilitated connections in this industry that are truly strong, meaningful, and powerful.

Our March 2022 academy was an apprenticeship-style Cut & Style Boot Camp for stylists who were eager to learn, grow, and develop their cutting & styling skills with Leysa as their go-to guide. We provided an intimate, personalized training environment that meets the needs of every stylist. The experience spanned four days and was knowledge-packed in every sense. From Leysa’s signature cut & styling techniques and formulations to business and content creation, our students learned it all.

The academy was hosted by Leysa Carrillo, The Forever Curls Artistic Team, along with several industry experts and guest speakers.

Leysa with Yinnin Chacon

Yinnin Chacon, a student from our March 2022 Boot camp expressed her excitement to our team about attending the academy,

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I knew that this academy was what I needed to level up in my business. I just wanted to expand my techniques, expand my knowledge, I wanted to learn how to educate other people who want to do what I do. Leysa made sure that she went beyond to give us the best education, the best speakers. She taught her techniques in detail and explained why she does what she does. It was a course that was so well put together.

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It’s testimonies like these that fuel The Forever Curls Artistic Team to do what they do best: teach. It’s people like Yinnin that inspire Mallory to continue hosting these boot camps for Forever Curls Academy each year. We are honored to have stylists like Yinnin, who put themselves out there, step outside of their comfort zones and make a true effort to learn & evolve as a person and as a hairstylist.

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